Quilting 101

Upcoming classes

2023 Class Information

Class has begun!!  However, there is still time to join, we are going to start cutting out our quilts on Thursday, Feb.9th from 10-2pm at the club room at the clubhouse.

If you are in the class, you will need to bring your fabric, cutting mat, rulers and rotary cutter.  Also bring tags to label your pieces and a project box it keep it all organized.  Any questions, feel free to call Barb Fraser, 757-373-4527.

Under the Stars 

Next classes:  We will begin sewing on our quilt on Friday, Feb. 17th and Friday, Feb. 24th.  10-2, Beach Club

Please bring your maching, pattern, fabric, all sewing notions to include mat, ruler, rotary cutter.  I will bring an iron and mat.